From Water to Wine

If you live in Ontario and regularly host friends and relatives from out of the province, there’s a decent chance you’ve played the role of Niagara Falls tour guide. While there is no doubt that the Horseshoe Falls is an incredibly stunning landmark, there are only so many times you can make the trip before it starts to feel a little, ‘been there, done that.’

What many visitors to Niagara Falls don’t realize is that a 20-minute drive takes you from the hustle and bustle of the Niagara Falls tourist zone to the scenic serenity of Niagara-on-the-Lake  wine country. Here are some of our favourite ways to trade water for wine the next time you’re bringing visitors to see Niagara Falls.

The Grape Escape

Once there, the Niagara Falls tourist district is actually quite easy for your guests to navigate on their own. Arm them with an Adventure Pass from Niagara Parks and they’ll be set for hours of fun all within walking distance of the Falls. Arrange a meeting time and location and then hop back in the car and head for Trius. Take part in one of our regularly scheduled Trius winery tours, which typically last about an hour, and then enjoy a leisurely lunch on our patio. Sparkling fans will want to try out our newest tour, the Tasting Stars – Sparkling Experience. Red drinkers will enjoy The Walking Red Experience – From Bordeaux to Niagara. Chardonnay lovers simply can’t miss our House of Chards tour.

The Tour Guide Extraordinaire

If you don’t want to leave your guests on their own, spend some time with them in the Falls, and then introduce them to Niagara’s other world wonder. Icewine has become an iconic Canadian product that’s as loved as maple syrup in countries across the globe. Trius has been making Icewine for 33 years, and our Niagara’s First Icewine Experience will fascinate your guests as they learn all about picking fruit in the dead cold of winter and pressing a single drop of juice from each frozen grape. They’ll even get to taste our most premium Icewines.

For a truly immersive Icewine experience, make the quick trip to our partner winery, Peller Estates and take part in The Greatest Winery Tour. This experience allows guests to step inside the frosty 10Below Icewine lounge, a one-of-a-kind chill zone constructed out of a mammoth 13,607 kg of ice. It’s kept at a frigid -10 degrees to replicate the conditions required for the annual Icewine harvest.

Dinner for the Win

After a long day of sight seeing, your visitors will be ravenous. Treat them to an unforgettable meal at the Trius Winery Restaurant. The Trius culinary team sources only the freshest ingredients from passionate farmers, growers and producers, so you can be sure your guests are experiencing true Niagara farm-to-table cuisine. Time your visit with one of our many Trius signature dining experiences like our Black Glass Dinner for the ultimate meal to remember.

The Souvenir Saviour

Don’t let your guests return home with a suitcase full of touristy trinkets. Sneak in a little winery time by bringing them to do their souvenir shopping at Trius. In addition to our Niagara wines, the Trius Winery Boutique has a great selection of locally made preserves and wine accessories. If your visitors are serious wine lovers, impress them with a trip to The Loft, our luxurious private tasting room that features small lot Trius wines only available at the winery, alongside a selection of vintage wines. Our Wine Consultants are there to answer questions and help your guests select the best stemware, decanters and funnels.

Inspired by all of these great ways to experience Niagara Wine Country? Don’t wait until you have guests to make the trip. We look forward to welcoming you at the winery any time. 



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